YouTuber meets indigenous tribe with no contact of outside world; Netizens ask lightly ‘is he alive’ – Watch video here

New Delhi: Australian YouTuber Brodie Moss meets an indigenous people who thrive without contact from the outside world on a ‘forgotten island’ in northern Vanuatu. Videos he posted on his YouTube channel and his Instagram appeared to show him meeting members of the indigenous people for the first time, and they were all in jubilation and euphoria. These indigenous men with bows and arrows seemed to dance and sing as they brought the YouTuber home. The natives were seen wearing wreaths of leaves and scraps of clothing wrapped around their thighs.

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“New video of the wildest experience of my life drops in hours,” the YouTuber wrote on Instagram while sharing his first encounters with indigenous people in the Forgotten Islands of northern Vanuatu. rice field. The video has so far received him over 241,000 likes and he has 6,000 comments.

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Questions have been asked in the comments section asking if the YouTuber is alive. One user commented, “Are you still alive or are they playing with your bones?”

Another user named jayjamesaz commented:

A user named hairess_gallery feared for her life and wrote: where is he?

Who is Brody Moss?

Brodie Moss is an adventurer YouTuber who runs a YouTube channel called YBS Youngbloods. His subscriber count he has over 3.92 million.

Where is the “Forgotten Island of Vanuatu”?

Vanuatu, officially known as the Republic of Vanuatu, is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. Founded in 1980. The archipelago lies east of northern Australia. There are several places in the archipelago where indigenous peoples thrive without contact with the outside world.