YouTube to roll out custom-made stickers and emotes for comment section and livestream – Details Inside

New Delhi: Streaming giant YouTube has announced the introduction of a new feature that will allow users to add custom stickers and emotes to both videos or streams in the comments section of YouTube. This feature is a bit similar to what Twitch offers for live streams, which are custom-made emojis from the streamers themselves, but for YouTube, these emotes are available site-wide. , you could only write text or emoji in the comment section. This new add-on feature gives your viewers more choice and the ability to react the way they want with their favorite videos and streams.

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However, users will not be able to use the new add-on functionality on mobile devices, but will be able to take advantage of YouTube for the web’s large library of emotes. There are about 60 emotes available in chat.

how to use them

To use the new YouTube emote, all you have to do is press the little smiley face in live chat or in the comments section. In the live stream, its icon is on the left, and in the comments section of pre-recorded videos there is an emoji section on the right. From there, you’ll see a grid of YouTube emotes that you can use in your comments. They are added to the section that also holds channel membership emojis for paid users.

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Just like Emoji Kitchen’s work, these new emotes were designed by a small team of artists. This makes the comments section a little more lively, especially since the feature doesn’t seem locked behind a paywall.