Will Fortnite battle royale game be rolled out in virtual reality? Epic Games said THIS

SAN FRANCISCO: Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said he has “no plans” to build the battle royale game Fortnite in virtual reality (VR).

Sweeney told The Verge that the idea of ​​bringing Fortnite to VR doesn’t work.

“What you do every day in Fortnite as a gamer is moving through environments rapidly.

Sweeney also claimed that Epic would be happy to work with companies like Meta on other Metaverse projects, but Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said games similar to Fortnite were not suitable for VR. may not agree with

To empower gamers, Epic Games hosted the in-person Fortnite Champion Series in Raleigh, North Carolina last month with a $1 million prize pool.