Which country’s game is Call of Duty and who made it?

Hello friends, in today’s article, we are going to know which country’s game of this Call of Duty is and who has made this game? So friends, all of you know that which game is going on in more craze across India, if you do not know, then let me tell all of you that PUBG game is in more craze. Let us tell you that PUBG was banned in India in the year 2020.

Because of which no one can play it now. But let us tell you that its craze is still going on because this PUBG game was a very well known game. Let us tell you that after the ban of PUBG, all the gamers play this Call of Duty Game in their spare time. are liking.

If friends, all of you play Call of Duty and you people do not know which country’s game Call of Duty is. So friends, you will also know this thing that which country’s game is this, so friends, through this article of mine today, you will get this information that who has made this Call of Duty Game and which country it belongs to. Is. So friends, let’s understand all the information in detail.

What are Call Of Duty Games?

Let all of you know that Call of Duty Game is a Multiplayer Game and the special thing about this game is that more than one person can play together in it and if you make people play as a team. If you want, you can also play by forming a team. Let us tell you that even before playing this Call of Duty game, you will get two settings, which I have also told below, then you will have to select one of those two settings.

  • So friends tell you the first thing is that if you go to Enemy, then this automatic gun will start firing. So this is the first.
  • Friends, the second is that you can set the fire button and run it according to your mind and then your automatic enemy will not have gun fire in it, then you will have to kill the enemy by tapping it yourself.
  • Let us tell you that there are many such people who do not know that Call Of Duty Game is also known by a short COD name and so this feature is very much for all those people who have started playing new people. considered good.

Call of Duty is the game of which country?

So friends, now we will know from which country this Call of Duty game is. So let us tell you that this game is a well known game of America country and so there is a publisher of this game Activision. Let us tell you that this is a publisher of Activision’s Video Game American.

Let us tell you that its Headquarters are located in Santa Monica and California US itself and let us tell you that it was established on 1 October 1979. Apart from this, there is more than one founder of the publisher of this Activision Game.

The names of all those people are also Alan Miller, Larry Kaplan, David Crane, Bob Whitehead and Jim Levy. Let me tell you that along with the founders, Rob Kostich is also the main person.

Who made Call of Duty Game?

Let us tell you that the developer of this Call of Duty Game is a TiMi Studios, which is a subsidiary of Tencent Game and you should know that Tencent is a Chinese company and friends, this Tencent is a Video Game Development Studio. And these TiMi Studios are a subsidiary of this Tencent.

Let us tell you that its Headquarter is located in Shenzhen of China, so friends, this studio was established in the year 2008 and whose Colin Yao is the Vice President and along with this Vice President, Colin Yao is also the President of Tencent.

How To Download Call Of Duty Game?

So friends, let me tell all of you that these games are present in Android, IOS and IPAD only. You can also use Play Store to download it on Android. But friends, if you want people to use App Store in IOS and IPAD. Then in order to download it in your mobile in App Store, you people first choose iPhone and for iPad also choose iPad and then In this way, you can download these COD games for different platforms by yourself.

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