What is PGDCA

Friends, let us tell you that in this Post Graduate Diploma Course in Computer Application, you also have a full 1 year professional course, for which you will have minimum qualification 10th, 12th and just 3rd year of your Graduation Degree in any field. It is mandatory to have If you people are also eager to do this PGDCA Course, then this PGDCA can be the best option for you guys. 

Because nowadays most of the computers are used everywhere. So friends, if you guys also want to do this PGDCA, then after getting the job, this job will be very useful for you people. Friends, if you people have completed your graduation in a hurry and you also want to make your career in the field of this computer, then this can be a very good option for all of you.

So today, through this post, I am going to give you the answers to all the questions related to this PGDCA Course, such as what is PGDCA, full form of PGDCA, what is the syllabus of PGDCA, how to do PGDCA, when to do and its I am going to give information about all the benefits etc.

What is PGDCA?

Friends, let us tell you that many people do not know the full form of PGDCA, then let us tell you that PGDCA is a Diploma Course and its full form is Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application. Let us tell you that these graduates are made only for those students who are interested in this computer application and this work also allows all the students to get professional knowledge in your computer application. 

This PGDCA is a Diploma Course of only 1 year and it is divided into just two semesters. This course is considered to be a higher level than DCA (Diploma in Computer Application), which can only be done by the students who have completed their graduation.

After doing this course, if you apply for a job, then you can show your computer diploma. If any students want to get enter for doing this PGDCA Syllabus then those people can apply for PGDCA Admission for PGDCA like Indira Gandhi National Open University, Makhanlal Chaturvedi University. Let me tell you that apart from this there are other universities where all of you can also do this Diploma Course.

What is the full form of PGDCA?

Now we will know what is the full form of PGDCA. The full form of PGDCA is Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application and the full name of this PGDCA in Hindi is “Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application”.

What is PGDCA Syllabus?

If any student wants to do the course to get this PGDCA certificate, then all of you must see the syllabus of this PGDCA once. Let us tell you that the subject or syllabus of PGDCA can be different in all the universities and in some places they are also same.

  • Tally
  • Work (Project)
  • MS Office (Microsoft Office)
  • Skills 
  • Programming VB.Net
  • Software Development
  • Information Technology
  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Internet & E-commerce / Web Page Designing
  • Database Management System
  • Operating System (Windows, MS DOS)
  • PC Packages MS Access

By now all of you must have come to know that how much syllabus is there in PGDCA and you have been given complete information about the subject of PGDCA and when you can do PGDCA.

What are the fees of PGDCA?

Now we will know how much is the Fees of PGDCA. Let us tell you that it can be around 12000 to 20000 because the Fees of PGDCA Course are same in different institutes everywhere and this PGDCA Course can be accepted by all of you like Indira Gandhi National Open University, Makhanlal Chaturvedi University etc. You can also do it from other universities, you will get many more universities apart from this, where all of you can do this PGDCA course.

What are the benefits of PGDCA?

Friends, let me tell you that there are many benefits of this PGDCA Syllabus or PGDCA Course, out of which you have been told about some further benefits. So let’s see which is which.

  1. First of all, after doing this PGDCA course, the candidate gets the most benefit in any job. For example, this helps the candidate a lot in getting a job in the field of Government Job, Private, Banking, Insurance, Stock Market etc.
  2. Let us tell you that in this, the candidate gets some basic knowledge about the computer as well as an advanced knowledge.
  3. After taking this course, these candidates can also open government agencies like – Online Center, Kiosk Banking, CSC Center etc.
  4. After doing this PGDCA course, all the candidates can also get directly enter in MBA and MCA.

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