Want To Type ‘Properly’ On Your Tablet? Get Any Of These 6 New Keyboards!

2022 will be remembered as the year tablets returned to mainstream consumer life. The iPad has always been around, but with the post-pandemic surge in demand for tablets, many brands are also announcing his Android tablets. As a result, there are currently a number of tablets to choose from starting at Rs 12,000 and above. It has also led to an increase in demand for Bluetooth keyboards. Because a full-fledged “proper” keyboard is probably the most noticeable difference between a tablet and a laptop (you can read about other accessories that can turn a tablet into a laptop). Here are the notes: Want to turn your tablet into a notebook? Here are 7 accessories you should get)

That’s why we’ve previously compiled a list of keyboards that can add a notebook touch to your tablet, Year, there were a number of new additions to the tablet’s keyboard friends list. Yes, older lists will work, but if you’re looking for a relatively new keyboard,
For tablets (iOS, Android, and even Windows), we recommend checking out these 6 “leading” performers:

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini – a product for pure writers
15,990 rupees

Affordable Android tablet (best redmi pad You can often get one for this price or less), but this is no ordinary keyboard. The Logitech MX Mechanical Mini combines a mechanical keyboard with deep-travel keys with a wireless connection. Logitech has used premium materials in its construction, ensuring that this is probably the best Bluetooth tablet that comes with a tablet in terms of pure typing.

You get a spacious, well-designed keyboard with six rows of keys and a backlight that adjusts to your ambient light conditions. It can be charged from a USB Type C port, a single charge lasts about two weeks, and he can also connect to three devices at the same time. However, not all roses. It’s also not the most compact keyboard on this list, as dust tends to get into the crevices under the raised keys.

Zebronics Zeb-Max Ninja – Great Price Mechanical Keyboard and Jazzy Lights
3,999 rupees

Looking for the fun of a mechanical keyboard with great lighting effects, but without the stiff price tag that most Bluetooth mechanical keyboards come with? It launched at Rs 8,999 but now you can often get it for under Rs 4,000 and for that price it’s a great deal Zebronics put his 5 rows of keys with 5 levels of brightness . It doesn’t have a row of function (F) keys, but on the contrary, the battery life is excellent at 2-3 weeks (recharging the keyboard via the USB Type C port) and you can connect the keyboard to: You can use up to three devices at the same time and keep switching between them at your convenience. This is also the only keyboard on this list.
It has a touch of gaming – if you like jazzy RGB color effects, you can play with 21 LED modes. Needs work again to keep these mechanical keys clean but very all rounder.

Quirky Dexter Wireless Keyboard – Don’t Overuse Stylish Keys
1,690 rupees

To most people, it may seem like a typing instrument, but for some people, even a keyboard can be something of a style statement. But if you’re one of those people who want to look the right type (pun intended) without breaking the bank, Offbeat Dexter is the best option. It’s come a long way in terms of functionality – the ability to connect to 3 devices at once, months of battery life (you’ll need to insert an old-fashioned battery cell into the back), and 6 rows of keys. It’s housed in a frame that’s not too big and light enough to carry around. What really works, though, are the retro-style round keys that give it a typewriter-like feel.

They aren’t mechanical keys and are slightly smaller but have decent travel. The keyboard connects to two devices via Bluetooth and one via 2.4 GHz wireless (adapters in the back) So you’ll have to fiddle around with multi-device connectivity a bit, but this is the closest thing to a keyboard that will turn your head. I’m on a tight budget, especially when I can get some flashy color options (I stuck with black, though).

Zooook Fingerpad Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad – For those who like to type and track!
2,300 rupees

Zooook has some pretty good accessories at relatively affordable prices, and the Fingerpad Wireless Keyboard is one of them. Its biggest advantage is the fact that, despite its relatively compact frame, it comes with a decent trackpad and also supports gestures and two buttons on the base.So you can actually even control the cursor more effectively from the keyboard itself, without even touching the tablet.
K480, that is, you can put a keyboard or a phone on the keyboard itself. The keyboard comes with simultaneous Bluetooth connections to up to 3 devices and has a battery life of about 1 month. I have to admit that the keys are a bit small, but there are six rows.

iClever BK04 Wireless Keyboard – Affordable Slim Backlit Keyboard
1,999 rupees

This keyboard is a must-have for anyone looking for portability and backlighting. The BK04 is he one of the lightest Bluetooth keyboards I have ever used. It weighs a little more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max and is very slim. There are 6 columns of keys to enter. It’s not as full-sized as you’ll find on other keyboards, but you’ll get used to it with practice. What also makes the BK04 special is that it’s one of the cheapest Bluetooth keyboards with a backlight, so you can use it in low light. There are actually 7 backlight colors to choose from.But I would recommend not going crazy while using the backlight as battery life in general
The battery is rechargeable, but tends to die after a day or so. Without the backlight, you can easily see about a month of use. The keyboard also allows him to connect to three devices at the same time. Its slim form factor is a bit fragile, but that’s the price you pay for lightweight portability, and at Rs 1,999, we think it’s worth it.

Amazon Basics Wireless Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard: A Basic Budget Option
1,399 rupees

If you’re looking for a basic Bluetooth keyboard that you want to use with multiple devices, this recent release from Amazon makes it easy. For its price, it’s fair in terms of features, and in terms of design, it has a slot or cradle at the top, like the Logitech K480, where you can place your tablet or smartphone, giving it that notebook feel. It’s surprisingly compact and has a battery life of 2 months.or
There’s a compromise.It’s heavy at around 800 grams, the keys are definitely small, and the 6 rows are packed into a small frame.And while the build is solid, it’s not exactly premium, and there’s no backlight. You can also connect to one device. But hey, it works, and at its price, it’s good value for money for those looking for budget basics.