Want to migrate your ‘intellectual tweets’ on Twitter to Koo app? Company offers the option amid chaos on popular microblogging site

New Delhi: Koo — Twitter’s competitor for Made in India — has proposed migrating all past tweets of Twitter users who wish to migrate to a platform that does not continue to charge users for the use of verification badges. Said. Since he bought his Twitter in a $44 billion deal in October, Elon Musk has laid off employees, reviewed his policies for moderation, set a price on account verification, and won Donald his pre-Trump Restored previously banned accounts, including the president’s account.

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He recently suspended the accounts of several high-profile journalists without warning, but had to reactivate them after strong criticism from government officials, journalistic organizations and advocacy groups. His Koo, which allows users to express their opinions in Indian languages, has already surpassed his 50 million downloads and is now jumping into his rival’s nest. Celebrity.

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And now, he said, he proposed moving all tweets except replies, likes and re-sharing of other people’s tweets to Koo to avoid “intellectual assassination” due to Twitter account suspension. Radhakrishna told his PTI, “A lot has happened to him in 45 days since the world town square became his one man megaphone,” and Twitter is now “the world’s most It belongs to the wisest and richest man.” The suspension and subsequent resumption of the accounts of several high-profile journalists, including reporters for The New York Times, CNN, and The Washington Post, highlights a very important point, especially for journalists and creative people.

“For those who speak their minds and participate in discussions and debates with others, suspension essentially means losing access to years of creativity, ideas, connections and insights. he said.
And this is all because a new rule was introduced yesterday and no one fully understands it. he said. Radhakrishna said Koo has devised a simple and elegant solution to escape this ‘black hole’. “Just migrate to Koo!” “A simple and elegant button in settings allows you to migrate all your tweets to Koo.”

“Just click the transfer button, follow the simple on-screen instructions, and all your tweets will be seamlessly transferred to your Koo account.” All past original tweets will be transferred to Koo, he said. rice field. Also, all accounts that the migrating user may be following on his Twitter (if available on Koo) can be followed with a simple click. However, his migrating Twitter user’s followers will not migrate unless they migrate to Koo. “You can search for friends and followers on Koo and start engaging with them,” he said.

Koo believes in enabling trustworthy and healthy conversations between people. Earlier this year, the company offered free voluntary self-certification, and more than 125,000 Indians have taken advantage of this right, he said.
“In this day and age, it is hard to imagine that one human being has the ability to wipe out your digital existence and remove all traces of your creativity. You can’t hold the dollar hostage,” he said.

“Koo offers everyone an equal opportunity to express themselves in the language of their choice and continue to hold their own thoughts and opinions. Join us.” Serial entrepreneur Radhakrishna, best known for building ride-sharing company TaxiForSure (acquired by Ola for $200 million in 2015), launched a language-focused business in early 2020. Launched Koo, a microblogging platform.

It was intended to provide a local, local and unique alternative to Twitter. He believes excellence is a person’s influence, prestige, achievement, ability, or recognition of their professional status, and Koo is a transparent, pre-defined Based on your criteria, award yellow his ticks to the user profile. He said the Koo Eminence Tick cannot be purchased and is granted permanently. Musk, who considers himself a “free speech absolutist,” saw the worst since March 2020 after electric-car maker Tesla’s stock fell 4.7% on Friday and his journalist’s account was suspended. We saw that we recorded a weekly loss.
They were restored on Saturday. Also on Friday, Twitter suspended his official Koo account that had been set up for user queries. When I went to @kooeminence, I found that my account was suspended and I no longer saw that tweet.

Koo co-founder Mayank Bidawatka has announced that he has lost his account on Twitter, stressing that his microblogging platform is the best alternative to Twitter. “I’ve said it before. We run Koo and journalists need to migrate. Migration tools are available. Koo is the best alternative to Twitter. This place is here.” It’s all thanks to you and millions of other users like us.” He also questioned the rationale behind the suspension, stating:

This is not democracy. This is a strong need to exercise power and control. And should not be allowed. Twitter is also blocking users from tweeting links to some servers of Mastodon, another major Twitter competitor. Koo’s prominent handle.I mean seriously.How much more control does a man need?”

He tweeted, “We never created a policy out of thin air. Everything is user-centric and transparent. This is the most comprehensive platform. Don’t just discuss, take action.” It’s time to wake up.” Radhakrishna told PTI that Koo was also an unwitting victim of one man’s mission, and whose high-profile account was suspended for circumventing Twitter’s policy to avoid a ban. said it was.

“Mastodon faces a similar fate with vague crimes that didn’t exist until a few days ago,” he said. In a series of tweets, Bidawatka questioned why he was suspending the @kooeminence account set up days ago for queries posted by Indian social media celebrities trying to use his platform and his VIPs. did. “Posting publicly available information is not doxing. Why shoot Messenger? The journalist who posted the link did nothing wrong. Posting links to publicly available information is not to dock how posting a link to an article online is not plagiarism. ElonIsDestroyingTwitter has been removed from the trends section.Twitter is a publisher, no longer a platform!” he added.