Users have a better way to focus on studies with Instagram Quiet Mode; Here’s step-by-step guide on how to enable it

New Delhi: To increase the number of time management tools available, Meta’s Instagram introduced a new feature on Thursday called “Quiet Mode.”This feature allows you to turn off incoming call notifications, turn off automatic replies to direct messages, and change your status to let friends know you’re not currently using the app.[サイレント モード]The purpose is to reduce the user’s anxiety about taking a break. service.

Social media platforms have also launched additional parental control tools and other tools to regulate recommendations. All of this is aimed at ensuring the safety of his teens using the program. This isn’t the first time Instagram has tried to develop tools to help users manage their time.Also Read: Union Budget 2023: From tax cuts to job creation, 5 key expectations from the upcoming budget)

The app already has the ability to notify users when their daily app usage exceeds a certain threshold and allow them to monitor and limit it. Additionally, there are tools to pause, snooze, limit, and unfollow pages, groups, and people to help further reduce your engagement with addictive or unwanted content.Read also: Price Drop Alert! iPhone 12 price has been reduced from Rs 59,900 to Rs 34,999. Check Flipkart and Amazon Discount Offers)

Here’s a step-by-step guide to enabling Quiet Mode on Instagram.

– Open Instagram

– Click on your profile icon.

– Click the menu icon in the corner of the interface.

– Click on Settings option

– Click notification option

– turn on the setting

The setting is now enabled.