UIDAI urges people to update their Aadhaar cards that were issued 10 years back; Here’s WHY

New Delhi: Aadhar cardholders who issued their cards 10 years ago and have not renewed since then are encouraged to renew, the Ministry of Electronics, Information and Communications said in a statement on Saturday. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has urged people to update their documents in order to maintain the accuracy of the information in their database.

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Residents can update their Aadhaar by uploading supporting documents (proof of identity and proof of address) online through the myAadhaar portal or by visiting their nearest Aadhaar center and uploading offline, according to a ministry statement. . In the last decade, Aadhaar numbers have emerged as a widely accepted form of identification for residents of India.

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Over 1,100 government schemes and programs, including 319 run by the central government, use Aadhaar-based identities to deliver services. Also, many financial institutions such as Bank and his NBFC use Aadhaar to seamlessly authenticate and onboard their customers. “It is in the residents’ interest to keep Aadhaar up to date with current identity and address proofs,” the statement added.

“Keeping Aadhaar documents up-to-date helps us in making life easier, providing better service and accurate authentication. UIDAI always encourages residents to keep their documents up-to-date. The Aadhaar (Registration and Renewal) (Tenth Amendment) Regulations 2022 were notified in November. September 9, 2022 was another step in that direction.”