Twitter starts showing tweet view count; Elon Musk says Twitter is much more alive

Twitter owner Elon Musk announced today that the microblogging site has started showing views. This allows users to see how many times their tweets have been viewed. This view his count feature is a normal feature for videos, but it’s also not deployed for tweets, so users get the exact number of impressions made by their tweets.

“Twitter rolls out view counts so you know how many times a tweet has been seen! Please do not tweet, reply or like.

Twitter users have started reporting that they have gotten this feature, and we are gradually rolling out the same feature to all users. On December 9th, Musk tweeted that an update to this feature is coming soon.

“Tweets show views in weeks, just like videos. Twitter is much more active than people think,” he said.

Meanwhile, Twitter has also rolled out a new feature that allows users to search for the stock and cryptocurrency prices of publicly traded companies. must be entered.

This works in some cases without the $ sign, but it is less consistent and does not always return the requested stock or cryptocurrency price.

However, during operation, the report states that you will see static images displaying stock prices and graphs with no information on the X or Y axis. (with agency input)