Twitter plans to expand political ads soon: Report

New Delhi: Microblogging platform Twitter said Wednesday it plans to “expand” the political ads it allows “in the coming weeks.” The platform made the announcement via its Twitter safety account, stating:

“Going forward, we will align our advertising policies with those for TV and other media.As with all policy changes, our approach to reviewing and approving content will be the first to ensure that people are protected on Twitter.” ” Several users gave their thoughts on the platform’s announcement.

One user commented, “This is actually a good call for Twitter. Kind of shocking,” while another commented, “Translation: Advertisers don’t want to advertise here anymore, alt-right Just let it advertise anything.”

Meanwhile, in November 2019, Twitter officially banned all types of political advertising from its platform. A few weeks later, former CEO Jack Dorsey announced that theAmicro blog site would no longer allow these ads.