Twitter data breach: Hacker posted list of hacked data of 400 million users– Check whether your data is leaked or not

New Delhi: One of Twitter’s largest data breaches resulted in the personal information of 400 million Twitter users being sold on the dark web. Elon Musk could face a violation of this magnitude after denouncing Twitter’s operations and rules. The DPC has already launched an investigation into a previous breach that affected over 5.4 million users. The last breach was discovered in late November. The hacker released a sample of the data on his one of the hacker sites as proof that the data is genuine.

The sample data includes the email, username, number of followers, creation date, and possibly the user’s phone number. What’s shocking is that the hacker’s sample data includes information for a fairly well-known user’s account. User data in Sample Data includes data from Salman Khan, Sundar Pichai, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of India. (ALSO READ: BUMPER RETURN BUSINESS IDEAS! POST OFFICE OFFERING SCHEME TO EARN MAXIMUM Rs 80,000/MONTH WITH A ONE-TIME INVESTMENT OF Rs 5000)

The sample data contains data for more well-known users. Most of them point to social media staff, which is disastrous if the data breach is true. Alon Gal, co-founder and CTO of Hudson Rock, an Israeli cybercrime intelligence firm, said the information was a flaw in an API that allowed attackers to search for arbitrary emails or phone numbers and return Twitter profiles. We believe it was most likely collected from (Also Read: NPS: Invest Rs 5000 Monthly and Receive Rs 2 lakh Monthly Annuity from This Government Scheme – Check Return Calculator, Benefits and More Details Here)

“If Twitter or Elon Musk are reading this, they are already risking GDPR fines for 5.4 million infringements. Try it,” the hacker said in the post. Buying this data only if Facebook wants to avoid having to pay the $276 million fine he received for violating the GDPR (533 million users scraped) Please give me.

“We have since deleted this thread and will not sell this information again,” said the hacker, indicating that he is open to “trading” through intermediaries. are not sold, preventing many celebrities and politicians from engaging in phishing, cryptocurrency fraud, Sim swapping, doxing, and other activities that undermine users’ trust in the company and bring it to a halt. . Growth and hype.