Twitter Blue with verification arrives today, December 12; $8 for Android, $11 for iPhones

New Delhi: Twitter announced on Sunday that it will resume its Blue subscription service with authentication on December 12th. That’s $8/month for Android users and $11/month for iPhone owners.

Musk has increased the price of his Twitter Blue subscription service for iPhone users from $8 to $11, but keeps 30% of the revenue Apple makes from iOS apps in the App Store.

“We will be relaunching @TwitterBlue on Monday. Subscribe for $8/month on web or $11/month on iOS for access to subscriber-only features, including blue checkmarks,” the company said.

Subscribe to get tweet editing, 1080p video uploading, reader mode, and a blue checkmark (after your account has been reviewed).

“We’ve begun replacing that ‘official’ label with a gold check mark for businesses, and will be adding a gray check mark for government and multilateral accounts later this week,” the company said.

Subscribers can change their handle name, display name, or profile picture, but “changes will temporarily result in the loss of the blue checkmark until the account is reviewed again,” Twitter said.

Musk launched its verified Blue subscription plan last month, but postponed it after being hit with major controversy after multiple fake accounts appeared on the platform impersonating brands and celebrities.

He said the microblogging platform will resume its $8 Blue subscription service with authentication starting November 29.

Musk criticized the App Store cuts, calling it “a 30% tax hidden on the internet.”

Later, after a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Musk said he had “cleared” a misunderstanding about the possible removal of the microblogging platform from the App Store.