Twitter announces THIS long-awaited feature on platform to make uploading videos easier – Details Inside

New Delhi: Twitter announced Friday a long-awaited feature that its boss Elon Musk has promised to bring to the platform. This means that subscribers can upload up to 60 minutes of video from his web at his 1080p resolution and his 2GB file size. Twitter has updated its blue page where it shares information, and also shared that all videos must follow the company’s rules.

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Previously, Twitter Blue subscribers could upload 10-minute videos to the platform at 1080p resolution with a file size limit of 512MB. However, the company says iOS and Android users will still be able to upload videos up to 10 minutes long.

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Users who are not Twitter Blue subscribers can upload videos up to 4 minutes long on any platform. The microblogging platform said it would consider changing the video quality for distribution. The company’s support page states, “We strive to maintain the highest possible video quality for all videos uploaded to our platform.

“However, to modify or adapt the original video for distribution, syndication, publication or broadcast by us and our partners, or to adapt it to different media, such as changing the resolution or bitrate of the original video. We will stream based on the speed and stability of the viewer’s internet connection,” he added. Additionally, the company states that there is no limit to the number of videos users can upload, even if all videos are of maximum length.