TSMC Increasing Arizona Chip Plant Investment To $40 Billion. This Is What It Means For Apple

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, popularly known as TSMC, one of Apple’s main iPhone makers, has announced that it will more than triple its planned investment in a new chip manufacturing plant in Arizona, USA, to $40 billion. . Foreign investment in US history, reports the media.

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This was after US President Joe Biden visited and welcomed TSMC’s facility in Arizona, Reuters reported. TSMC has already announced plans to open a factory in Arizona, which is expected to open in 2024. This also comes as his Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple will buy US-made chips at an event in Arizona where Biden also spoke.

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“America’s manufacturing is back,” Biden told Reuters in a speech against the backdrop of a new factory with an American flag and a large banner reading “A Future Made in America Phoenix, Arizona.” was said to have told

TSMC Chairman Mark Liu has estimated annual sales of $10 billion when the two planned chip fabs open, and customers’ annual sales from products using the chips produced there. adds $40 billion.

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Earlier in November, Apple said it planned to use chipsets from its Arizona, USA factory from 2024. This is an attempt to reduce reliance on Asian production, which has been disrupted by worker unrest in China. The tech giant also plans to source chips from Europe in the future.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company “has already made the decision to acquire the Arizona factory.” Bloomberg’s Marc Garman reported that Cook mentioned the matter at a meeting in Germany.

TSMC has already announced plans to open one factory in Arizona in 2024. The Arizona factory will reportedly focus on chips that use the latest manufacturing techniques. Earlier last month, TSMC said it was planning to open a second chip factory in Arizona due to “strong customer demand.”

The world’s largest contract chipset manufacturer plans to unveil a state-of-the-art semiconductor fab north of Phoenix in the coming months, in addition to another chip fab the company has promised for 2020. The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the expansion. schedule.