Tech billionaire Elon Musk earns seventh spot in Google’s most searched celebrity list 2022; Read the full list


New Delhi: Amber Heard has become Google’s most searched celebrity in 2022. The results were published by his CelebTattler who tracked about 150 celebrities from his Google Search Trends for 2022. Tech billionaire and Twitter’s new head Elon Musk has ranked him #7 on his 2022 most searched celebrity list on Google. He has been searched many times for the Twitter saga throughout the years.

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Amber’s Head’s ex-husband Johnny Depp took second place on the list after Amber’s Head. The ex-couple made headlines after the Pirates of the Caribbean actor sued the Aquaman actress. I got

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Who are the most searched celebrities on Google in 2022

There were 4.3 million searches for the late British monarch who died last month. She won her third spot.

Tom Brady came in fourth after 4.06 million searches. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson ranked fifth and sixth. Tech billionaire and Twitter’s new head, Elon Musk, has been negotiating his Twitter legend all year long, but he takes the seventh spot. He has more than 3.19 million searches for him on his Google.