Shocking! Amazon customer orders over Rs 1.5 lakhs MacBook Pro, get dog food inside box

New Delhi: Amazon customers who ordered MacBook Pros priced at over Rs 1.5 million on their e-commerce website were shocked when the package arrived at their doorstep. The customer we are talking to ordered a MacBook Pro. However, when I received my smartphone, to my surprise, there was dog food in the box instead of the device I ordered.

Alan Wood, 61, from Derbyshire, England, spent £1,200 on an Amazon MacBook Pro for his daughter. Sadly, he was given his Pedigree Chum in his 2 pack instead. Following the dog food delivery, his retired IT manager, Wood, called Amazon.

Amazon initially refused to help, but later issued a full refund. Additionally, Wood was recently diagnosed with Stoneman’s Syndrome, a rare connective tissue disorder in which bone grows out of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

He also mentioned that he has been an Amazon customer for over 20 years and has never had a problem. On November 29th, Wood placed the order and even paid for next day delivery. It’s easy to imagine Wood’s look when he realizes he’s a 1,000-plus-pound MacBook Pro, not a dog.

Wood was convinced this was a mistake that was only likely to be fixed, but after speaking with Amazon Customer Service, they were unable to assist him. Because of this, he had to deliver a laptop that he never received. Putting the dog food back in the warehouse made no difference.

“I spent over 15 hours talking to my boss and on the phone. I also moved to new departments many times. Alan Wood said.

An Amazon rep later said they were in personal contact with Alan Wood, regretting the inconvenience and promised a full refund.