Samsung May Unveil Galaxy-Exclusive Chip At The Launch Of S23 Series

South Korean tech giant Samsung is likely to unveil a new Galaxy-specific chipset at the launch of its flagship Galaxy S23 lineup. It has been revealed that the S23 series will be released on February 1st.

According to the latest leak by Universe, Samsung’s Mobile Experience Business President TM Roh will be unveiling a “Galaxy-specific chip” at the launch of the Galaxy S23 series.

If you recall, in early April 2022, President Roh suggested that the South Korean tech giant might be developing a chip specifically for Galaxy phones. According to some reports, his Google-exclusive Tensor chip, which will be reintroduced in the upcoming Google Pixel Fold, will have the same AI features that Samsung is likely to include in its own chipset. Offers.

This will be the first high-end processor purportedly developed utilizing the 2nd or 3rd generation 3nm GAA manufacturing technology used by Samsung Foundry. However, details about the CPU’s capabilities have not yet been released.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series borrows features from the Apple iPhone 14 and may upgrade the fingerprint sensor as well. According to a recent report by tech publication ETNews, the Galaxy S23 series will likely feature the satellite connectivity seen in this year’s iPhone 14 lineup.

The South Korean tech giant has teamed up with partner Iridium Communications to introduce some kind of satellite communication system to its Galaxy S23 line, the report added. and data communication services. Samsung has been working with Iridium for nearly two years to bring satellite connectivity to smartphones.