Pictures of Astronauts in bridal attire surface online; Netizens react

New Delhi: The recent viral boom is the artificial intelligence (AI) trend that has taken social media platforms by storm. His artist Jayesh Sachdev has since posted some AI-generated images of him depicting an astronaut dressed as a bride. The photos were posted on Sachdev’s personal Instagram profile and on his design firm Quirk Box page. “Astronaut bridal couture week. If the briefs are ‘out-of-this-world fashion,'” he wrote in the post’s caption, it received nearly 8,000 likes and dozens of comments.

The photo shows a female astronaut dressed as a newlywed. AI models are decorated with decorations such as flowers and gems. One of them has a helmet in her hand and another one proudly wears it. (Also read: CEO Sundar Pichai reveals the reasons behind Google’s layoffs.Read more inside)

Internet users reacted immediately to the images. “This is amazing! This kind of representation really resonates with me as a future astronaut! Thank you for creating these works of art,” said one user. “You look like a NASA star plus buff,” he joked. (Also read: IT Layoffs 2023: Nearly 3000 employees will be laid off every day in January.)

Another said, “amazing and truly ‘out of this world’,” while a third said, “I think this means you don’t have to be bound by norms just because you’re a bride. As a bride, you can dream big: go to space and become an astronaut.”

Earlier, the artist had posted a visual produced by the AI ​​platform Midjourney featuring realistic yet unsettling images of people attending a home party. It seemed to indicate a typical and joyful event. Upon closer inspection, however, it is possible to discover missing, numb body parts of partygoers that don’t actually exist.