124 – OnePlus launching its FIRST two monitors on December 12; Check specs, price, other key details


New Delhi: As slip in the air increases, smartphone maker OnePlus is expanding its product range in India. His OnePlus, a Chinese electronics company that specializes in smartphones, has announced that it will be expanding its product line in India, introducing the first of his two monitors on December 12th. The monitors are called “X27” and “E24”.

“#OnePlusMonitors change the playing field. Stay tuned, OnePlus India tweeted on Wednesday.

The identity of the new item as a monitor has finally been confirmed after being hinted at by the Indian arm of the Chinese tech giant the day before. “What looks like play to you, looks like work to others,” he wrote on Twitter.

According to HT’s sister website Live Hindustan, the X27 and E24, as their names suggest, feature 27-inch and 24-inch displays respectively. The latter is marketed as a mid-range product, while the former is presented as a luxury item.

The statement mentioned that the X27 has a better display and performance and is used for both work-related applications and games. The E24, on the other hand, is touted as a model that makes it an ideal option for individuals who need a monitor for frequent use.

Regarding cost, no information is provided. However, the E24 is probably much cheaper than the X27.