OMG! Twitter bathrooms smell bad, employees forced to bring their own toilet paper– Here’s why

New Delhi: Twitter has been a hot topic ever since Elon Musk came out. Shortly after the acquisition, Musk fired top executives along with Parag Agrawal. Shortly after taking office, Musk laid off nearly 50% of his workforce as a cost-cutting strategy. But now that Musk is in charge, the company is in complete chaos. The janitor was laid off from the company so the toilet stinks and staff must carry their own toilet paper. It is pointed out by the staff that there is no toilet paper in the bathroom.

The janitor was fired after he went on strike for better wages. Cleaning and security services are no longer provided at Twitter offices, according to The New York Times. The lack of a janitor in the office is the cause of the messy office and filthy bathrooms.

The office smells like “takeout leftovers and body odor,” according to a source who told the publication. With no janitor to restock supplies, workers are forced to bring their own toilet paper.Twit his chief reportedly closed his four remaining floors and transferred staff to his two. I narrowed it down to just the floor.

Staff have been asked to work from home as Twitter has stopped paying rent for its Seattle office facilities. Going forward, Twitter will only operate in New York City and San Francisco, according to sources. At several New York locations, Musk also fired cleaners and security guards.

According to the report, Musk told Twitter managers who escaped layoffs in a recent string of mass layoffs to “approach spending with a tactic known as zero-based budgeting,” or that “spends will be reduced according to cost-cutting documents.” , teams should not justify their individual costs.”

Additionally, Twitter doesn’t pay rent for its San Francisco location.