Man loses Rs 14 lakh to fraudsters offering Rs 50 lakh loan on low-interest rate

New Delhi: Delhi police on Friday arrested a gang operating under the guise of an insurance company at a Noida-based call center, deceiving loan applicants by offering low interest rates to the newly purchased insurance police, they said. Police said Friday, three defendants identified as Mohit Sharma, 31, Prem Singh, 33, and Mohd. Faisal, 37, was pursued on the basis of technical investigations, including tracking amounts transferred from victims under the pretext of processing fees and various other charges.

They were then arrested in connection with the fraud, police said. Defendants lured victims with low-interest loans on newly purchased insurance policies, they said, and also sold insurance policies to victims.

The problem came to light after one of the victims claimed that he used the same trick to defraud the defendant out of Rs 140,000. However, the promised 500,000 rupee loan was not paid to the complainant, police said.

Sagar Singh Karshi, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northern), said during the investigation, one team was deployed for the money trail and another team conducted technical investigations via available mobile phone numbers. He said he was tasked with carrying it out.

The suspect’s whereabouts have been traced to Ghaziabad, Faridabad and northeast Delhi, he said. A raid was then carried out in Delhi and his NCR on Monday and a suspect, his Mohit Sharma, was arrested from his hideout. A car, laptop, mobile phone and various passbooks, checkbooks and debit cards were recovered in his instance, the DCP added.

He further led the team to Faridabad associate Prem Singh and another raid was held in Noida on Tuesday, arresting the chief complainant, Faisal, police said. “During interrogation, Faisal revealed that he and Sharma worked at an established call center in Noida that provided insurance to various major insurance companies.

An analysis of the defendant’s mobile phone revealed that the caller was calling from a keypad mobile phone as well as a landline, and used fraudulent calls to catch the victim. ,” DCP said. Police said they seized 170 cellphones from lockers and stashes, as well as incriminating documents, including a register suspected to have records of the victims.

Data from the recovered phone calls are being analyzed, and floor managers and call center owners are being investigated to find their role in the crime, they added.