When starting a WordPress project, many people only consider making money quickly and forget some steps that are necessary to achieve monetization. Rewards on the web platform are possible with hard work, perseverance, and the necessary knowledge to boost the best results with the right content to make money with WordPress in 48 hours.


The formulas to succeed on the Internet are not exact, and experiments do not usually happen in the same way due to the change of communities, opportunities, and moments that influence external factors in the project carried out.

That is why the content of this blog demonstrates the best ways to optimize your work for how to make money with WordPress in 48 hours, although it does not imply being a sure way to become a millionaire in just two days.

Each of the techniques demonstrated is aimed at obtaining results that are well-received on the Internet to promote the growth of your website, where the possibility of making money with it would be the ultimate goal to achieve.

Are 48 hours enough? The answer will depend on the external factors that are in that period of time. Both social networks, advertising, SEO, public involvement, and more.

Discover all the currents that can build a growing and profitable blog for you.


The first step is to create your WordPress article.

To begin with, you have to start developing and not skip any of the stages that will lead you to create a material of interest, profitable, interesting, and dedicated to your audience without starting to think about the rewards.

So, engaging content is the best way to ensure that it is eye-catching and beneficial to both the audience and its creator, who will be shown based on the results.

Within this, you should consider the best aspects in terms of domain and hosting for the launch of your website. It is advisable to know all the specialized service options.

Create your domain to be found on the Internet with an appropriate name linked to the theme or with the highest relation to encouraging searches.

As well as select the best host for WordPress that depending on the budget you can find free platforms but it is advisable to opt for a larger format.


The best way to generate impact and income with a WordPress blog is to create an attractive material for users that will remain in the memory of all your visitors through a consolidated brand.

Create a unique and striking style with your personal brand that is in line with the theme, style, editorial or theme that accompanies your content.

For this, it will be essential to have all the visual elements to accompany the information, since it will be the first way to make the audience stay on the website.

You should prepare a logo to identify your project, company, or page according to other elements such as colors and distribution for better visual communication.

WordPress adds the option of applying themes to the page with predetermined designs that allow you to provide a harmonious graphic line on your website.

It is one of the best ways to build your personal brand on your blog to be positioned in an immediate and recognizable way in the market.


Achieve monetization in 48 hours should be considered one of the most relevant commercial techniques at the online business level in recent years as email marketing.

This activity focuses on sending emails directly to a series of contacts or databases that are considered potential customers.

This strategy becomes a communication tool to expand the actions of direct marketing through the Internet to publicize your business and generate movements in your space.

And its success lies in the different functions it provides to your post:

– Direct communication.

– Audience acquisition.

– Personalized messages.

– Segmentation.

– Driving sales.

– Driving web traffic.



Affiliate Marketing is a simple technique to manage to earn money, so it is one of the strategies that will allow you to monetize your project and make money with its correct application. This sales action consists of the promotion of products, online or services from your website, where each user visiting your blog who makes a purchase through your own link gets to earn a commission for it.

In this way sales increase with the participation of more and more members who want to get results with this application in more people.

This way your business becomes better known, increasing the traffic on your website, obtaining your product, and positioning within new segments of the audience.


The work of good advertising on your website is the key to obtaining eye-catching material that ends up making money in WordPress in 48 hours, being the main channel to achieve sales.

A correct application of advertising campaigns, materials, and ads on the screen generates greater management of buying and selling in the relationship with the audience.

Discover the best services to carry out advertising according to your webspace to generate a specific strategy for your product.


All sales strategies point to greater growth in financial records for your WordPress publications, although the main way can be generated through online sales.

Within your website, it is possible to promote digital products such as free videos, music, photos, or products for immediate profits.

So, start promoting now your material by the right means once finalized and optimized each of the details of the content and create a strategy to get results in 48 hours and continue after that to keep your project on top.

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