Lost your device or it is being stolen? Google’s upcoming Apple AirTag-rival will help in discovering locations

New Delhi: Google, a multinational technology conglomerate, is about to launch its own location tag and is finally catching up with Apple and Samsung. According to GSM Arena, a news website related to tech news, a developer console survey of the Fast Pair feature by Kuba Wojciechowski and Mishaal Rahman now includes “locator tags” as listed devices.

The product is codenamed “Grogu”, “Groguaudio”, or “GR10”. Developed by the Nest team, but not necessarily a Nest product. (Also Read: Lost or Stolen Your Android Phone? Apps like Samsung-iPhone Google’s Find My Device can help discover locations offline)

The gadget is equipped with a speaker and comes with support for UWB (Ultra Wideband) and Bluetooth Low Energy. This is the technology used for radio-based communication for short-range usage scenarios reported by GSM Arena. (Also Read: Digital Rupees are not redeemable for cash.Only bank deposits will be used to issue eRupee: Report)

The Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro have a previously unused UWB module. It can be used to turn Nest speakers on and off, but this feature is still under development.

Google is also working with chipset manufacturers to enable Fast Pair support for Android products, allowing any manufacturer to develop their own tracker.

The final Google Grogu tag could be announced at Google I/O, traditionally held in May, according to GSM Arena.