iPhone Maker Foxconn Offers $718 Subsidy, In Bid To Retain Staff

Weeks after witnessing worker unrest, Foxconn, Apple’s largest contract manufacturer, is offering $718 in subsidies to its employees to keep working after a post-riot struggle. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infectious disease) restrictions, the media reported. Foxconn will provide subsidies to key workers at his iPhone factory in Zhengzhou from January 1 to his March 20, reports Apple Insider.

To attract staff, the iPhone assembler is also extending its “show-up” bonus payments. If he worked more than 23 days in January 2023, employees could receive a bonus of 6,000 yuan, or about $862, the Apple Insider report added, citing South China Morning Post. I was.

Recall that in early November, a video appeared on a Chinese social media site showing several Chinese migrant workers climbing a fence, citing poor conditions at the factory of Foxconn, which makes Apple’s iPhones. A video surfaced. The video showed workers fleeing from his iPhone factory, China’s largest in the COVID-affected Zhengzhou, amid lockdowns caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Insecurity also leads to thousands of workers quitting.

Shortly after, however, Foxconn announced on one of its official WeChat social media accounts that it was ending its so-called “closed loop” system at its facilities in central China. According to some reports of coronavirus infections. The company also said it would reopen campus cafeterias and no longer offer three free meals a day. The lack of access to cafeterias in the location known as iPhone City has been a major obstacle to keeping employees on their diets during the pandemic, causing the outflow of thousands of employees.

The cost of meals will be deducted from employees’ wages, and regular workers will be given a subsidy of 15 yuan per day from Dec. 16 to Dec. 31, the company said. added that it will continue to provide free meals to Covid patients who choose to stay in the company’s designated accommodations.