India`s first Centre of Excellence for online gaming will be set up in Shillong by March, 2023

New Delhi: India’s first online gaming center of excellence will be set up in Shillong, said Minister for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar. Digital India startup his hub will set up India’s first online gaming Center of Excellence in Shillong by March 2023 through India’s Software Technology Park. Gen Online Gaming Ecosystem. “It is Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji’s vision that the next wave of start-ups and entrepreneurs must come from Shillong, Kohima and other regions of the Northeast,” Chandrasekhar said in Shillong. reportedly said in an exchange with a journalist on on friday.

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The minister also emphasized the importance of post-Covid digital skills as the rate of digitization of products, services and devices continues to increase around the world. Draft amendments to the IT Rules 2021 related to gaming have been circulated for public consultation. The ministry has also published amendments to his IT Brokerage Regulations for 2021. This is about online games for public consultation.

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This draft has been prepared to ensure that online games are offered in compliance with Indian law and that users of such games are protected from potential harm. Make sure your game does not contain violent, addictive, or sexual content.

Currently, the age limit is 18, and the government will maintain it and see if the current framework works to keep online games safe and user trustworthy, while expanding the innovation ecosystem. I would like to confirm. said that around 40-45% of gamers in India are women, which makes it even more important to keep the gaming ecosystem safe.