How To Make Twitter Account Private Step by Step

Hello friends, today we will know how to make your Twitter account private. If you guys share or tweet videos and photos on Twitter, then let me tell you that the tweets you make are visible on your profile, which can be seen by all people. And if you people do not want everyone to see your Tweets, then friends, for this today I am going to tell you the best way to make your Twitter account private, through this article of mine and you must know that this Twitter is a Micro Blogging Platform and it is also a popular social media and here everyone can share their ideas as well.

Let us tell you that in this you get to see posts of all categories like Breaking News, Entertainment, Sports etc. Many people do not know what a Tweet is called, so let us tell you that users who post on their Twitter, then that post is called Tweet and tell that any user in 280 characters in this, you can send your Tweet. You can also share by writing and you can tweet it not only in text but also in videos, photos etc. If your Tweet is visible to everyone, then you can also Retweet on it and you can also like and comment any users.

How to make Twitter Account private?

So friends, if you people want to put privacy on your Twitter tweet, that means if you want only your Twitter followers to see this tweet of yours, then you can make your Twitter account private for that. You definitely get the feature to make you personalize the account of Instagram and Facebook.

To make Facebook account private, the option to lock the profile with this name appears, using which you can lock your Facebook profile. If any user will see your Facebook profile, then after that he will get to see the message with Profile Locked.

After that no user will see your Facebook profile or any post like picture, videos etc. Similarly, if you make your Instagram account private, then only the followers of Instagram can see that videos, photos and if any user sees the Instagram profile, then he will get to see the message with the private account.

Now it comes to making Twitter Account private, can Twitter Account be made private too, so I am going to give all the information to you people through this article. There are many people who do not or do not want to make the information of their Twitter account public and then those people also want to put privacy on the tweet of their account and if you can keep your account secure, then Twitter for that. I also get the option of this.

How to make Twitter Account private

So friends, let us tell you that after making your Twitter account private, you can show the tweet only to your followers. You can also use this Protect Tweet feature for this, then after using it, the privacy will be set on your Tweet and it will be visible only to the followers of your people.

Let us tell you that this option is similar to the private account feature of other social media sites because you can increase the privacy of your account even more with this. Before using this feature, you should know whether enabling the Protect Tweet feature on Twitter makes any difference to your account or not.

Benefits of Privateizing Twitter Account

  • Friends, whenever a person follows you on Twitter, you get his follow request, then if you approve his follow request, then only that person is added to your followers. So in this way no person can follow your account without your permission.
  • Then all the tweets of your people will be visible only to your followers and no user will be able to see the tweet of your account.
  • Friends, if any user will see your Twitter profile, then he will only get to see your profile picture, name and bio, the Tweets of your account will not be visible.
  • Your tweet will not appear in search engines again.
  • You people’s Twitter followers will not be able to Retweet your Tweet again.

How To Make Twitter Account Private – Step By Step

So friends, now we will provide this information in detail to you people that how do you make your Twitter account private? So that’s why you guys read this article of mine carefully, so let’s know!

  • First of all, you open the Twitter App in your mobile, then after that click on the Profile Icon, after that you will get to see some option in it, out of which you will have to click on the option of Setting & Privacy.
  • Then after that too you will get to see many options, out of which you will have to click on the option with Privacy.
  • Then after that some options will appear in it such as Content You See, Direct Message etc. Out of that an option named Audience & Tagging will also appear, you will have to click on it.
  • Then after that there you will get the option named protect your tweets and it will be disabled, then you will have to enable it by clicking on that disabled option.
  • So friends, now you have successfully set privacy on your Twitter Tweet, now only the followers of your account can see your Tweets.

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