How To Download YouTube Shorts Video

Hello friends, welcome to this article of mine today, so friends, you too must be tired of searching about it on the Internet, that how to download YouTube Shorts Videos? So friends, till now you people have not found any good way so that you can download Shorts Videos in just one click.

Friends, you must know that we keep on bringing such good and wonderful tricks for all of you in today’s article, friends, after seeing or reading this article of mine, you will never be able to download YouTude Shorts Download. No need to search for what to do. So friends, now you guys will be given answers to all the questions through this article, so watch and read this post carefully.

Friends, here we have told you about the Shorts Videos Downloader App, by using which you can download any Shorts Videos on YouTube in just one click, if you guys also make videos on YouTube. So you guys should also start making videos on YouTube Shorts because friends, at this time a lot of attention is being paid to the Shorts Videos platform and more than crores of views are coming after uploading the videos on this platform.

Friends, if you people also do not get views on YouTube Channel, then you can upload videos there by creating a new YouTube Shorts Channel again. So friends, definitely read this article of mine because in this article we have told you about downloading YouTube Shorts Videos.

What is YouTube Shorts?

So friends, like all of you people will know very well that now everywhere only Shorts Videos content is trending everywhere, so why should YouTube be behind, that’s why YouTube soon launched its Shorts Videos Platform. Which is very good and it was named YouTube Shorts and here and there you all can upload videos only by making 60 seconds in it, you will also know how many YouTube Shorts Channels these days. were created and out of this there are many such channels that have Millions of Subscribers and everyone else’s videos also become the most popular videos.

So friends tell you that Instagram Reels, Mx Takatak, Moj all these apps are alternative to YouTube Shorts, tell you why everyone considers YouTube Shorts to be good or better because you can earn money in YouTube Shorts but you All the people need to know about or about YouTube Shorts Funds for that. So before that we should know how to download YouTube Shorts, so let’s know about it.

How To Download YouTube Shorts Video?

Friends, I have told all of you here two good ways to download YouTube Shorts Videos, but now it depends on all of you that which methods do you use, friends, I have also told that both Which of the methods is the best and easiest, anyway everyone may like different ways, so all of you guys first try these two types of methods and then after that whatever you find easy, only YouTube Shorts Videos Download can use to do.

If all of you people know how to download YouTube Shorts Videos, then this is a very good thing and whatever method we all use to download YouTube Videos, we use the same way to download YouTube Shorts Videos. Will do because there is not much difference or difference between YouTube Video and YouTube Shorts, so we get easily downloaded by using the same type of both.

From YouTube Video Downloader app

Friends, I also use this method to download YouTube Shorts Videos and YouTube Videos because I find this method very easy and if you all want to use this method, then for that you should first of all your Install a Video Downloader App in the phone, then after that you can easily download videos of any social media application like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

So friends, to complete this work, I download and keep the SnapTube application in it and let me tell you that this application is very useful and you can download many things from it.

The method I will tell is just for these people who want to download YouTube Shorts Videos from their Android Phone, then if you people also have to learn about computer, then for that also it is mentioned below.

So friends, read and follow the steps given below by me carefully, then after that you will not take much time to download YouTube Shorts Video, so let’s know about all the steps.

  • So first of all you all have to download the SnapTube Application and then install it.
  • Copy the link of the shorts video you want to download.
  • Then after that you will turn on the SnapTube App, then at the top you will get to see the search box, then you will have to paste the link of that video in it, after that your page will start loading.
  • After that, when that page of your YouTube is loaded, then there you will get to see a button to download people, you have to click on it.
  • After that, in whatever quality you want to download that video, then click on it and now you can see that your videos are being downloaded.

So friends, in this way you can download YouTube Shorts Video by following the steps mentioned above.

Best Apps to Download YouTube Short Video

  1. Vidmate
  2. Tubemate
  3. Instube
  4. Keepvid
  5. Videoder
  6. Snaptube

How To Download YouTube Short Video From Computer?

So friends, if seen, very few applications have been made near the computer to do small tasks compared to your Smartphone, so that is why most of the people here use the website to do all their important work, so if you If you also use a computer or laptop to download YouTube Short Video, then you can also use this website.

To download Short Video from our Laptop, we will use website here because friends, whatever other websites are there, either too many ads are shown in them or sometimes they do not work that’s why. Friends, I always use and if you want to save more time then you can download Chrome Extension and you can download YouTube Short in just 1 click, then friends let’s know. That let’s learn how to download short videos from computer.

  • For this, first you copy the link of that YouTube video or YouTube Short Video.
  • Then after that you open the YouTube Video Download Website i.e. Website in your Google Chrome Browser and then after opening this page you will see the Search Box and then you paste that link in the box.
  • As soon as you paste the link, immediately after that you can see below, you will see the same video which you had selected to download, so friends, you can download the video now only by clicking on the download button here.
  • Friends, if you want to download the video in any other quality, then for that you will see the quality written on the side of the download button, then if you change the quality from there and click on the download button, then that video will be downloaded.

So friends, in such a very different way, you can download YouTube Short Video from your computer, that too very easily, so friends, now you can download YouTube Short Video from your computer like this and this is a very easy way. Huh

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