How to Create Email ID

Friends, there are many people who do not know how to create an email, so in this article for you, we have told how to create an email ID. This email ID is just a different identity for the same email account. It is used for both sending and receiving email messages to people on the Internet.

With the help of this email, there is a need for both of you to successfully send and receive your message, which is called Email or Gmail Account. I am going to tell you all the information about Email ID Kaise Banaye in this article.

It is known to all the people that nowadays everyone creates their Email ID on Google itself because there are many benefits in it too. Kaise Banaye or Gmail Id Kaise Banaye Because in this time of today there are many mediums of information, but let us tell you that for any professional work, you are contacted through email only.

If you apply for any job or if you want to meet any client for your business, then you have to use your email only. So today I am going to give you information about how to create Email ID.

how to create email id in hindi

Now I am going to tell you people how to create Email ID on Google. So all of you people have been told all the information about it step by step. By following which you can easily create your own and other person’s email ID as well. So let’s know now.

1. Search Create Your Google Account

First of all, you open the web browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.) on your computer and then search by typing Create Your Google Account in it. Then after searching, click on the first result out of the result that will come.

2. Enter your full name in it

Then after that you have to fill all the details asked in it correctly. Then first of all you will see the option of Name. Out of which you write your first name in place of First Name, then after that you write your Surname in place of Last Name.

3. Now Create Your Username

This is the most important step. In which you people have to write one of your usernames in it which is the best and no one has used it yet. If someone has used the username, then Google itself will notify you and remember that will always be behind your username.

4. Set a Unique Password

After this, you have to set a completely unique password for your email ID, which is very difficult to guess and you people have to use only about 8 characters in your password. In which you can also use characters like letters, numbers, (@#*&) characters, after that once again after entering the password, then confirm it. This password will keep your email id safe. After that after setting the password, you click on Next.

5. Enter Mobile Number

Then you will get the option to add phone number to it, then you enter your phone number at that place. After entering your phone number, as soon as you click on the option of Next, a message will come on your mobile, verify your phone number by adding the OTP given in that message to it.

6. Enter Alternative Email

If you people already have any other email ID, then you write that email ID in it and in it you will get OTP through mail so that you will be able to verify it and this is your only optional step.

Whenever you follow the above mentioned two steps 5 and 6, it will be useful to you people when you forget your password by mistake.

7. Set DOB and Gender

Then in this you set your Date of Birth and then after that you will see the option of Gender in it, choose whatever you are (Male / Female) and this step is mandatory, then after doing this you click on Next.

8. Allow Privacy & Terms

After that you will get to see the Privacy and Terms page openly. If you people want, then you can read all the terms and rules in it and even if you do not read it, then it does not matter, then in the last of the page you will see I Agree written, then you have to click on it.

9. Now You Can Use Email

Now you must have come to the page with My Account, you will also be seeing your name there. After that, in the top right side corner, you will see a sign of Google Apps with 9 dots, then after clicking on it, you will get to see all the apps of Google. Then after that you will reach as soon as you click on Gmail, you can email on your Gmail Id and from there you can email anyone.

What is special about Email ID?

If you people once create a new email account along with, then some features are also given there which everyone enjoys, so let’s know what are the features of Email ID. Huh.

  • Firstly, it also allows to send a message to any person within a few seconds.
  • Let me tell you that you can access your Email Account anywhere and anytime through your Gmail Mobile Apps.
  • It also includes 2FA, cutting edge virus and spam protection.
  • It also provides up to 15GB of free storage space.
  • In this you can also send messages and you can also attach Personal Documents, Photos, Videos and much more.

Let me tell you people that if you have an Android phone and if you want to email someone from it, then in this article of mine, know how to create an Email ID in Android Phone.

How to create Gmail ID in your phone?

Let us tell you that if you guys want to create a new Email ID in your phone, then by carefully reading all the above steps mentioned by me above, you can also create it in your Android Phone as well as Gmail ID and if you guys want to create a new email ID on your Android phone. If you want to setup Email ID in your phone, then how do you create an Email ID or how to create an Email ID for that? For this, you guys have to follow the easy steps mentioned in this article of mine.

  1. First of all, you open the Gmail app on your phone. Then after opening it, open the Settings Menu in it.
  2. Then after that at the bottom of Settings you will get to see the option of Add New Account, then you have to click on it.
  3. In that you have to setup your Gmail ID, then for that you choose Google from all the options given to you.
  4. After that you enter your Email ID and then click on Next. Then you enter your password.
  5. After fulfilling all these conditions and rules, the page of I Agree will appear in which you will have to accept by clicking on I Agree.

Now the Email ID of your people has been setup in your phone and in this way you can tell anyone how to create a new Email Id in your phone.

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