Google releases new version of Android 13 TV OS with improved performance


Google has released the latest version of its Android TV OS, “Android 13” for TVs. This will further improve performance and accessibility for developers to build compelling apps for the next generation of his TV.

According to a Google Developers blog post, the new update comes with a new API (Application Programming Interface) for large screens to help developers deliver a high-quality experience to users of different device types.

Improvements to the AudioManager API allow developers to anticipate the audio attribute support of the active audio device and select the best format without initiating playback.

For a more reliable playback experience, users can now change the default resolution and refresh rate of supported HDMI source devices.

Additionally, Android 13 introduces new features that make interacting with your TV more flexible.

The blog post states that the InputDevice API now supports multiple keyboard layouts.

To support different physical keyboard layouts, game developers can also reference keys by their physical location.

A newly created audio description API in AccessibilityManager allows user apps to query a new system-wide audio description preference setting, allowing developers to automatically provide audio descriptions that correspond to user preferences. will be

The new release will be available on both ADT-3 (a TV box for Android TV for developers) and an Android TV emulator, allowing developers to choose to test with the Google TV interface or the standard Android TV interface, according to the blog. Post added.