Google launches shortcuts for tabs, history, bookmarks; Here’s how it BENEFITS you

New Delhi: Google is helping to make searching easier for Chrome users. New search options for bookmarks, tabs, and history have been added from the address bar by the tech giant. Interestingly, the browser includes his 3 new shortcuts for Chrome. These allow users to search tabs, history, or bookmarks more quickly.

Google Chrome introduces a new shortcut for searching tabs

Tabs help users manage large numbers of open tabs and find specific tabs quickly and easily.A user can type @tabs into her browser address bar and from the dropdown her menu[タブの検索]You can access it by selecting an option or pressing Tab. The search tab tag in the address bar immediately appears.

Google Chrome introduces new shortcuts for bookmarks

Additionally, bookmarks work similarly to tabs. Nevertheless, it was developed to find saved bookmarks. This means that users can search for specific bookmarks instead of searching through many bookmark folders. She can start typing what people were looking for by typing @boomakrs, choosing to adopt a search bookmark, and starting typing.

Google Chrome introduces new history shortcuts

@history, on the other hand, helps you quickly find your search browser history. According to the search engine, anyone with Chrome 108 or the latest version will now have access to these new features, which is also confirmed in the blog post. If these features are not available,[ヘルプ]option, then click the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of your browser to[Google Chrome について]Select an option.