120 – Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip: Samsung sees a significant uptake of foldable smartphones


SEOUL: Samsung announced Tuesday that business sales of its Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip smartphones have more than doubled year-over-year. According to internal data, the number of foldable smartphones contracted for enterprise customers between January and October 2022 increased by 105% compared to the same period in 2021.

“Foldable smartphone shipments are expected to reach 16 million units worldwide, up 73% year-on-year,” the company said in a statement. increase.

We expect to ship 26 million units in 2023. “Samsung Galaxy’s foldable smartphone was created to open up opportunities to explore new ways of working and being creative.

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“The rapid growth of this investment shows that our enterprise customers are in need of meaningful innovation to increase employee productivity,” added Choi.

Samsung’s fourth-generation foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold4, is a multitasking powerhouse perfect for commercial use. It features a huge, expandable screen that is pocket-friendly and makes it easier to complete tasks, as opposed to a standard smartphone screen.

The Galaxy Z Fold4’s large screen provides a larger workspace ideal for harnessing the power of your desktop PC. A PC-like taskbar is an ideal tool for managing many projects or app pairs, allowing users to manage, start, and switch between apps without pausing their work. .

Companies are turning to technology as they adopt policies that allow employees to work remotely and be more productive. The financial services sector, where 74% of a sample group of financial advisors say it’s important or essential to stay connected via their mobile app, is particularly drawn to foldable devices.

“According to recent research, the Bloomberg Professional app is the most used financial services app by investment professionals such as traders, analysts and portfolio managers,” the company said.

The tech giant’s foldable phones allow users to “easily read news stories, monitor real-time market data, browse portfolios and perform chart analysis, all from the cover screen.”

DocuSign provides the world’s leading e-signature solution, “used by 24 of the top 25 Fortune 500 financial companies and is also optimized for Android 12L.”

This allows users to “drag and drop email attachments directly into DocuSign eSignatures in multi-view mode and quickly seal deals on the go using Samsung’s S Pen and dedicated Flex Mode signatures.” I can do it.

The tech giant has also teamed up with IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) to overcome the challenges financial professionals can encounter in helping their customers while working from anywhere.