From Livestreaming Oven To No-Display Smartwatch: 6 Weird And Wonderful Gadgets At CES 2023

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is known for bringing you never-before-seen technology. CES 2023 was no exception. From fancy TVs to color-changing cars, CES 2023 definitely followed in the footsteps of its ancestors, showcasing super-cool, life-changing technology. But apart from the Men-In-Black style futuristic tech, CES is also very popular with all the wacky and weird gadgets companies show off at the convention.

Honestly, these are just as interesting and fun to learn as the cutting-edge tech tools that are often showcased at events. With CES 2023 all wrapped up, here’s a list of the surprisingly unusual gadgets that caught our attention.

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Gate Tech: relieve heel pain

Women all over the world may feel you and your ego no matter how tall you are, but insoles can literally become a pain in your feet, especially when worn for long periods of time.

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With this in mind, Italian company Gait-Tech has designed a smart insole that can make wearing heels for long periods of time far less painful than usual.

Italian footwear designer Diego Dolcini, who has previously worked with popular brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Balmain, has designed a smart insole that can be incorporated into the stiletto during manufacturing. Or it gets weird when the user wears heels.

According to the company, the insole design is based on 30 years of research and works by redistributing body weight and providing a more stable and comfortable gait. The company said a pair of insoles would cost around €17 (about Rs 1,500) including installation. ).

Block smart cutting board: chop chop, look

Don’t you hate it when your tablet, phone or laptop tastes like buttered or battered fingers when you’re cooking or following recipes on your device?

Well, if you’re familiar with that sentiment, this particular product showcased at CES this year might just be your dream kitchen tool.

After hitting its Kickstarter goal, the Blok Smart Cutting Board is coming to CES 2023. It’s a cutting board combined with his 13×20-inch display, where you can read recipes, watch her YouTube videos of recipes, and take cooking classes.

The cutting board display is removable, making it easier to clean the cutting board and wipe down the display when needed. It also comes with a snazzy wireless charger that keeps the display clean when not in use to follow the recipe.

The cutting board is on the expensive side, costing $699. Additionally, you will need to pay a $39 subscription fee to attend the cooking class.

For that price, you can easily invest in a quality cutting board and a handy tablet like the iPad mini, but there’s nothing quite like the odd charm.

Samsung Bespoke AI Oven: Brainy baking and streaming

In another attempt to make kitchen life smarter, Samsung introduced an in-wall Bespoke AI oven at CES 2023. Smart ovens are equipped with cameras that allow you to monitor your food as it cooks, as well as live stream it using the SmartThings app.

Now, if there’s one thing we’d pay to see, it’d be a satisfying video of dough turning into bread or worse cookies.

Aside from its live-streaming feature, which is likely to become very popular among content creators, the oven’s AI Pro cooking system also offers cooking suggestions and sends notifications to users if it senses that food is burning quickly. , you can even suggest. Users decide what to cook based on their diet and goals and what they have at home. Could cooking be this smart?

Withings U-Scan: smart urine test

On our list of weird tech items on display at CES this year, the Withings U-Scan probably tops the list.

A small, pebble-shaped device that gives you a quick urine test every time you pee. Strange as it may sound, French fitness gadget maker Withings actually believed that every time humans answered nature’s call, they were washing away vital data.

This circular device can be attached to the edge of your toilet like a cleaning wand, and whenever it senses a rise in temperature, it will send a quick report to your smartphone covering vitamin C levels, hormones, reproductive health, and more. Send to Strange, right?

Nowatch smartwatches: No display, no frills, just health tracking

Have you ever dreamed of investing in a smartwatch that doesn’t give you notifications, doesn’t highlight your activity, and doesn’t actually show even basic things like the time?

It may sound very unusual, but that’s exactly what Nowatch made — a smartwatch without a display. The company’s CEO, he realized, Hylke Muntinga suffers from a rare genetic condition and needs to cherish the moment instead of staring at the display all the time.

The Nowatch smartwatch offers most of the features you would expect from a health tracker. It comes with Philips EDA Biosensing Technology that can measure changes in sweat glands. A small, harmless electrical current can be passed through the skin to measure changes in the electrical conductance of the skin over time.

It also has sensors such as red and green PPGs, accelerometers, temperature sensors, and barometers to cover all health bases.

The smartwatch has a battery life of 4+ days and can be paired with both iOS and Android devices. Be careful with this – or don’t.

L’Oreal Brow Magic: eyebrow raising game

Anyone who wears makeup can tell you that getting the perfect brows can be a chore. It may no longer be the case.

L’Oreal Brow Magic is a product that literally prints your eyebrows onto your face. It’s paired with an app that helps you choose the type of brows you want printed on your face, and shows you how it will look on your face in real time.

Once done, move the device over your actual eyebrows and your desired eyebrows will be printed on your face instantly.

A small circular box with a grip handle, the brow applicator has 2,400 tiny nozzles that can apply a print resolution of up to 1,200 drops per inch. Just swipe the applicator in a steady motion and you’re good to go. It definitely raised some eyebrows at CES.