Finding it hard to write official emails? Check these AI tools that write neat emails for you in seconds

How often do you find it difficult to write clean and precise emails? Do you wonder about the tone or language of an email before sending it? Or do you find it difficult to write emails quickly? If the answer to any of these or similar questions is affirmative, here are some tools that can help you identify mistakes made in your email. Even these tools can compose an email within seconds of sending it. A few bullet points. Yes it is true.

Let’s start with It’s an artificial intelligence powered tool that allows you to compose an email in just seconds. All you have to do is go to the website, log in, and then provide a few bullet points about the email you want to write. . Write it into the Ghostwrite input box and an email will be created instantly.

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The second is ChatGPT, which recently took the world by storm with its sensational smartness. So you can also log in to ChatGPT and do the same input. ChatGPT AI composes the email. So if you want to write an email requesting a raise, you can simply write “Write an email to your boss requesting a raise.”

These tools are pretty smart, but they require you to cross-check the email text before sending it. Also, if you want to check for grammatical mistakes, you can enter text on the Grammarly website and check. It not only finds errors, but also offers suggestions for correcting mistakes.