Finding it difficult to read your doctor’s prescription? Google may come handy; Check this upcoming feature

New Delhi: Technology has changed a lot in the last few years. Technology drives every sector. As a result, until a few years ago, no one imagined that crude handwritten scripts could be read with a single click. Evolution seems to be improving only at this point.

Today, December 19th, Google held an event in India to announce a number of services that Indian users will be able to access. These consist of many new search-related features, enhanced Google Pay security, and more. Additionally, this business aims to help individuals decipher sloppy doctor prescriptions. All the information you need is here.

The search engine giant said it will allow individuals to recognize and highlight medications in handwritten prescriptions with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Users can access new features using Google Lens. Simply take a photo of your prescription and upload it to your photo library. Once completed, the app will recognize the prescription image and provide information about the medications contained in the document.

However, according to Google, decisions are not made solely based on the output produced by this technology. “It works as an assistive technology to digitize handwritten medical records by complementing humans in the loop, such as pharmacists,” said the search engine giant.

The company has not yet specified when this feature will be available to everyone. Google says it’s working with pharmacists to help people better understand their prescriptions. We should be more clear on this in the coming weeks. Google has noticed that Indians around the world mainly use Google Lens for different use cases. This may have motivated businesses to offer more AI solutions to users for greater convenience.

In addition, Google Pay will have improved security measures, including multi-layered intelligent alerts that notify users when the company’s fraud detection system notices anomalous behavior. Additionally, Google announced a partnership with the National eGovernment Division (NeGD). This will allow the Indian to easily access legitimate digital documents using the Files by Google app on her Android.

With the launch of Multisearch, Google is also enhancing visual search by allowing users to search for information using text and images simultaneously. In India, MultiSearch is available in English, but will be available in more Indian languages ​​over the next year, starting with Hindi.