Covid-19: Apple Will Lose 6 Million iPhone Pros Due To Workers’ Protest At Biggest Foxconn Fact


The ongoing turmoil at Foxconn’s largest iPhone manufacturing plant in China’s Zhengzhou district is set to do a lot to Apple. The Zhengzhou Foxconn campus, which typically houses more than 200,000 employees and is where the majority of iPhone Pro models are assembled, has been hit by protests following strict Covid-19 restrictions, prompting Apple to sell 6 million employees. Pro models will lose iPhones, said a Bloomberg report on Monday.

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Production losses are set to affect Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models, which were the most in demand this year. It has been rocked by worker protests that have fought back against the impact, the report added.

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“Apple and Foxconn have increased their estimates of the shortage in Zhengzhou over the past two weeks as the disruption grows.

It should be noted that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are the most in-demand handsets this year, offsetting weak sales of the regular iPhone 14 edition. Foxconn’s situation is another reminder of the dangers of Apple’s reliance on giant manufacturing machines centered in China in an era of unpredictable policies and uncertain trade relations.

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Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley analysts earlier this month lowered their iPhone Pro production forecast for the current quarter by 600,000 units. Foxconn is expected to jeopardize 36% of its iPhone revenue, or 20% of its overall sales for the quarter, in a worst-case scenario of a prolonged lockdown impacting assembly in Zhengzhou.

The labor unrest at the Zhengzhou factory, which began last Wednesday, is a rare occasion for open dissent in China, with workers lashing out at allegations of delayed wage payments and frustration with harsh Covid-19 restrictions. said to have been inspired by