ChatGPT tries to copy Shashi Tharoor’s style; Congress MP calls it ‘Hilarious’

New Delhi: Congressman Shashi Tharoor delved into his own style by sharing a screenshot of a Twitter user asking ChatGPT to write a paragraph about tomorrow’s vacation in Chashi Tharoor’s style. The congressman called it hilarious, and he said he didn’t think he was writing such a naive thing. Shashi Tharoor shared a post of his Nishant Vijayan on his Twitter user. He asked the viral AI bot his ChatGPT to write a paragraph in the style of Shashi Tharoor, explaining that he will be off work tomorrow because he doesn’t feel the vibe.

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ChatGPT answered a user’s question: Dear Colleagues, The atmosphere today is not quite right. The air is thick with intangible discomfort, a sense of unease that permeates my mind. I fear that if I step into the office tomorrow, I will be like a fish out of water, struggling in a sea of ​​boredom. We sincerely apologize for this. I hope you understand my predicament, Vibe is a fickle mistress and she never knows when it will get worse. Goodbye my friends and take care.

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Netizens reacted to the word “Jejune” and started making memes about it, as Shashi Tharoor used unique and unpopular words to reply to users in his own style.

One user posted a “Hey Google” meme and said he and his buddies (friends) after reading the words “so Jejune” in this tweet.

Another Twitter user posted a search screen for “Jejune” on Google, saying it was for people like her. Jejeune means naive, simple, superficial.

A Twitter user replied to Tharoor’s post saying that he thinks following you is the best way to learn advanced English.

A Twitter user said they’ve successfully added a new word to their vocabulary.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chat bot developed by OpenAI that can interactively provide users with answers and suggestions, accept follow-up questions, and accept mistakes where possible. It’s the viral sensation of 2022. Since its inception, users around the world have used it in a variety of ways, such as doing homework, writing code, and writing poetry. There have been several reported cases of AI bots being used to create malicious content.