Bluebugging: A step-by-step guide to check whether your Bluetooth is hacked or not

New Delhi: Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables hands-free use of mobile devices for audio, navigation, and more. Many products such as computers, iPads, headphones, mobile phones, laptops, etc. have Bluetooth enabled, which may provide an incentive for hackers to compromise this feature. But just like WiFi, Bluetooth is a target for hackers looking to access your gadgets and steal your personal information. Most of us always have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled on our gadgets because they are so useful. However, this can leave you vulnerable to “blue bugs”, a method of attacking your device over Bluetooth.

Most people keep Bluetooth on all the time if it should be active only when needed. This is easier said than done and is unlikely to be followed.

Here’s how to check if your Bluetooth is secure:

– Weird and inappropriate popups

-Battery drains quickly

– Bluetooth device is hot

– Constantly showing abnormal alerts on the device

– dismal performance

What is Bluebagging?

Hackers created this exploit after confirming that Bluejacking and BlueSnarfing Bluetooth attacks could be carried out. BlueBugging employs Bluetooth (AT&T Cybersecurity) to create a backdoor on victims’ phones and laptops. An attacker can not only hijack a Bluetooth device, but also examine all data on the device.

Once inside the device, hackers can listen to calls and read texts. As a result, you can easily get her secret OTP after her phone is tapped. Hackers use her Bluetooth on smartphones and other devices to pry into sensitive data.