Black Friday Sale 2022: Here’s how to shop safely on e-commerce sites online

New Delhi: Black Friday sale is going on in India. Several e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra, offer significant discounts and offers during sales. However, as a shopper, you should know that this is a great opportunity for hackers to steal your data and money.

Here are some tips for shopping safely.

1. Don’t use public networks

Public networks are vulnerable and can leak sensitive information. Therefore, use of public networks should be avoided. A good place for hackers to steal data and money. Use a VPN whenever you need to use a public network. It can help hide your identity.

2. Don’t create simple passwords

We keep simple passwords for your comfort. However, they tend to be easily cracked by hackers and scammers. A common mistake is to use the same password on different sites.

3. Only use trusted sites

Some fake or spoofed sites lure customers with big discounts and offers. In the process, sensitive account details are provided. Therefore, you should shop only on trusted sites.

4.Try using a payment service

Try using Google Pay or PayPal as a secure server to store your information in encrypted form.