BIG UPDATE for WhatsApp users! Now you can undo ‘Delete for me’ message option within … seconds

New Delhi: WhatsApp has a ‘delete everyone’ tool that allows users to retrieve messages they unintentionally sent. Both the sender and recipient will delete the communication. When you want to delete a message, press the wrong button,[全員の削除]not[自分の削除]may choose. To stop these “accidental” taps, instant messaging software now offers new features.

You can undelete a message within 5 seconds after deleting it. When you delete a message, you’ll see a small dialog window with the text “Message deleted”. A small “undo” button is also included in the dialog box. Click the button to redisplay the message you just deleted.

WhatsApp announced on December 14th that it has begun experimenting with a picture-in-picture feature for video conversations on iOS. Given that Android has supported this feature for so long, Apple devices lag far behind Android devices in this area. For now, the picture-in-picture feature for iOS is only accessible to beta users of WhatsApp, with a broader rollout not happening until next year.

Vinay Choletti, head of WhatsApp Pay for India, left the company earlier this month after just four months on the job. Cioletti took over as leader of his WhatsApp Pay in India after Manesh Mahatme left the company in September when he joined Amazon.

In 2022, WhatsApp also introduced the option to hide user profile pictures from certain app users. The site does more than connect users with friends and family. On WhatsApp, some users interact with people they don’t know, so some privacy-conscious users feel the need to hide their profile picture. You can already hide your status, last seen, and other personal information on the platform.