Bifrost Online Cloud Gaming Emulator | Play GTA V On Android


Cloud Gaming! Play the best Video Games on MOBILE without BUYING the games! Bifrost is a cloud gaming platform bringing the best PC games to your Android devices. Available Region: Unite States, Canada. Early access now, report a bug to get 10 dollars cash!


Bifrost is not an Xbox simulator, PlayStation5 simulator, or PC simulator. Based on advanced game streaming & cloud gaming technology. Hundreds of games run smoothly. Dedicated virtual keyboard specifically designed for each game on mobile. Support play Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Up to Full HD (1080P)
  • 60 FPS 95% of games covered
  • Down to 10ms of latency
  • As low as starting from 2M/bps
  • For even lower latency and higher quality gaming experience, we recommend a strong WiFi or 5G connection and a Bluetooth gamepad/controller.

Let us know what you want to play! We’ll upload those games to the game center, and then you never have to wait to download or update again. According to your opinion, 3A games, hottest games, popular games get priority. Bifrost will not miss any top reviewed games and highlight ones in leading PC game platforms and console game platforms.

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