Apple Watch saves pregnant woman’s life — Know HOW

New Delhi: Again, the Apple Watch’s “life-saving” features fascinate people. Most recently, the Apple Watch saved the lives of pregnant women and unborn babies. Jessie Kelly, from the United States, credits her and her daughter’s survival to her Apple Watch.

A mother was holding her daughter and, weeks after giving birth, her Apple Watch warned her of an excessively high heart rate, according to IANS. (Read also: What a return! Investing 71 rupees per day in LIC, on maturity he will get 48.5 crore.Check Return Calculator, More Details)

Kelly initially ignored the warning when her Apple Watch notified her heart rate had increased to more than 120 beats per minute despite her inactivity. But because of her smartwatch’s constant alerts, she sensed something was wrong. (Also Read: 7th Payroll Commission: Government Employees Soon to Get New Year’s Bonanzas.Government plans to hike these allowances)

“The first time it rang I felt it was abnormal. Then the second time it happened about 10 minutes later and the third time it could happen about 30 minutes later. When it rang the third time , we have noticed a problem,” the statement.

Kelly decides to go to the hospital, where she unexpectedly learns that she is in labor and is suffering from a pregnancy complication, placental abruption. was

Kelly later gave birth to a healthy girl whom she named Shelby Marie.