Apple watch helps detect heart blockage

San Francisco: Apple Watch allegedly detected undiagnosed heart block in woman.

A woman named Elain Thompson had a seizure in 2018, and as part of her treatment after her diagnosis, her daughter suggested she wear an Apple Watch to monitor her health, AppleInsider reports. doing.

Thompson recently received an alert from her Apple Watch that her heart rate was abnormal.

She then went to a cardiologist and wore a heart monitor for a week.
In one instance, a monitor alerted the hospital after his heart stopped for 19 seconds while he was sleeping.

Doctors diagnosed Thompson with a heart blockage and put a pacemaker in to help her condition, the report said.

“It saved my life. If it hadn’t been for the alert, I wouldn’t have called the doctor. Now I wear my Apple Watch all the time,” Thompson said.

“I was so scared that I might die. I lay down for 19 seconds. I might not have woken up,” she added.

Meanwhile, last October, an Apple Watch helped detect a rare cancer in a 12-year-old girl.