Another BIG DATA BREACH, over 2.5 billion Google Chrome users’ details at risk

New Delhi: Gone are the days when you have to physically go to a place to get information about it. Now you can find all kinds of information on Google. As acceptance grows, so does the risk of data threats. As we know, billions of users around the world use the well-known web browser Google Chrome. Cybersecurity company Imperva Red has discovered vulnerabilities in Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers, putting the data of over 2.5 billion users at risk.

The vulnerability, known as CVE-2022-3656, could allow private information such as cloud provider logins and crypto wallets to be stolen, according to the company. According to the blog, the vulnerability was found during an evaluation of how browsers interact with the file system, looking for widespread flaws primarily related to how browsers handle symbolic links. (Also Read: Bad News for Loan Borrowers! SBI Raises Lending Rates by Up to 10 bps — Check New Rates Here)

According to Imperva Red, a symbolic link is a kind of file that points to another file or directory. The linked file or directory is treated by the operating system as if it exists where the symbolic link is. They claim that symbolic links are useful for creating shortcuts, changing file paths, or for more flexible file organization.Also Read: Tips and Tricks: Follow These 5 Techniques to Save on Income Taxes)

These links can likewise be used to expose vulnerabilities if they are not properly managed.

The company explains how the flaw affected Google Chrome, saying hackers could create fake websites advertising new crypto wallet services. By asking you to download a “recovery” key, the website could trick you into creating a new wallet.