107 – Alert! 500 Million WhatsApp users’ phone numbers leaked, Should Indian customers need to worry?


New Delhi: The WhatsApp phone numbers of 487 million users have been stolen and put up for sale on a “famous” hacking community forum, media reported. According to Cybernews, the dataset includes his WhatsApp user data from 84 countries and the phone numbers of more than 32 million of his users in the US, 11 million of him in the UK, and 10 million of his users in Russia. said to be included. Hackers claim to have a significant number of phone numbers belonging to citizens of Egypt (45 million), Italy (35 million), Saudi Arabia (29 million), France (20 million) and Turkey (20 million). increase. According to the report, the hacker sold the US dataset for $7,000, the UK for $2,500, and Germany for $2,000.

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Cybernews researchers were able to get in touch with the hackers and even collect samples of their data. He found that the shared sample contained 1,097 UK and 817 US user numbers. Upon investigation, the researchers found that they were all active WhatsApp users of hers.

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However, the report did not specify how the hackers obtained the data, suggesting that they “used their tactics” and that all numbers belonged to WhatsApp users. This database can be used by hackers for spam, phishing attempts, identity theft, and other cybercriminal activities.

WhatsApp offers a number of privacy settings that users can enable to protect themselves from prying eyes, such as hiding status and profile pictures.