After Koo, another Twitter alternative in making, this time by ex-employee FIRED by Elon Musk

New Delhi: Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, laid off hundreds of employees, and changed nearly every other rule of the company and platform, users have sought other alternative platforms. While there are plenty of alternatives to Twitter, two former Twitter employees are now developing one network he’s dubbed ‘Spill’.

Musk fired both Alfonso Vontz Terrell and DeVarys Brown during mass layoffs in November. Since then, both individuals have claimed to have developed a social media website called Spill and promoted it on behalf of the bird app. They went on to say that the Spill app caters to “cultural drivers” and serves as a haven for his Twitter artist who is black. (Also Read: Post Office Scheme: Earn Rs 16 lakh by just investing Rs 10,000.Check our Return Calculator and other important details)

According to the platform’s two developers, the app aims to be a “real-time discussion platform that puts culture first.” The platform is set to debut in January, according to the company’s creators. Terrell headed Twitter’s global social and editorial operations until a new leader let him go with thousands of employees. (Also read: These are the 4 LIC schemes that offer the best returns.Check our return calculator, policy terms, premiums and other important details)

Brown, on the other hand, worked at Twitter as a product manager lead, focusing primarily on machine learning. During a big layoff last month, Musk also fired him.

Spill is for everyone, but Terrell, in the essay announcing its introduction, said it was “for the cultural champions who frequently create new trends but are routinely ignored and underestimated.” says. Yes, he said, “We mean black, queer, and creators who recognize a variety of powerful voices from outside the United States.

The app creator also revealed that it will use blockchain to pay users for popular posts and offer “tea parties” where users can meet virtually or in person. It’s not something in web3, he said, Terrell. “But blockchain is being used to set up a model to recognize and automatically compensate artists for their achievements. If they become popular and monetize it, it works very well. To do.”