After iPhones, Apple now plans to shift some iPad production to India


San Francisco: As Apple plans to move more iPhone production from China to India, it will also move some iPad production to India to keep its supply chain healthy amid Covid-related disruptions. reportedly considering it.

Apple has “discussed with Indian authorities about locating some of its iPads in the country as relations between the U.S. and China worsen and China’s coronavirus crackdown disrupts supply chains,” CNBC cites sources. and reported.

Apple plans to move iPad manufacturing to India, and the company aims to move up to 30% of its manufacturing out of China.

The report said no specific plans have yet been formulated, but “if the effort succeeds, it will expand Apple’s footprint in the country.”

Apple has not commented on the report.

According to CMR, in India, the Apple iPad saw a staggering 34% growth (year-on-year) in India in the second quarter (Q2) and the company sold more than 200,000 devices in the country. did.

According to CMR Q2 data, Apple iPad (9th generation) and iPad Air 2022 account for a large share of iPad shipments.

The tech giant is also pushing ahead with manufacturing plans in India and Vietnam following China’s unrest over its zero-Covid policy, which has severely disrupted its supply chain and led to severe shortages of new iPhone 14 Pro models.

The Wall Street Journal said over the weekend that the company is “telling its suppliers to assemble Apple products more aggressively in Asia, particularly India and Vietnam,” in order to “reduce its reliance on Foxconn-led Taiwanese assemblers.” reported.

The Chinese unrest that ravaged a major supplier Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory last month sparked violent protests, saying “Apple no longer feels comfortable having much of its business tied up in one place.” , the report said, citing analysts and Apple officials. Supply chain.

According to prominent analyst Ming-chi Kuo, Apple is targeting 40-45% of iPhone shipments from India, which is currently in the single digits.

Kuo estimates that iPhone shipments in the fourth quarter of this year will likely reach around 70-75 million units, nearly 10 million less than the market forecast before China’s turmoil.

According to JP Morgan, one in four iPhones will be manufactured in India by 2025.

Apple started manufacturing iPhones in India for the first time in 2017 with the iPhone SE.

iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are manufactured at Foxconn facilities, while iPhone SE and iPhone 12 are assembled at Wistron factories in Japan.