63-Year-Old Man’s Stalking Bid Foiled By Apple AirTags. Know Everything

A man named Carl Steven Shawver from Iowa, USA, was arrested and charged with stalking for abusing GPS to track and track his victims using Apple AirTags. Authorities said a 63-year-old man was arrested for attaching his Apple AirTags to the victim’s vehicle and following him, ABC 8News reports.

The Apple AirTag is a small iPhone accessory that helps you track items using Apple’s Find My app. Find My Network will now send a secure Bluetooth signal to discover nearby devices.

According to court records, the victim attached an AirTag to the top of his spare tire on December 5. This was discovered by the victim after her mobile phone alerted her that the move was being tracked with her GPS device, the report added. After the incident, West Des Moines police seized his AirTag and kept it at the station as evidence. The accused arrived at the West Des Moines Police Station the next day looking for the victim. According to an affidavit in the case, he claimed to be married to the person accused of stalking.

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The man told police he was married to the victim, but the two were never related. It was also revealed that the victim had blocked the man’s calls and messages. Currently, the accused is being held in Polk County Jail on a bond of $3,000. Hearings will begin on December 19th.

The man reportedly attached an air tag to the victim’s car because he thought she was cheating on him at the station. Meanwhile, his second AirTag was found in the victim’s car on December 7. This was discovered after the victim’s phone gave an alert. Officers found his AirgTag in his purse and in a plastic bag on top of his spare tire.

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After finding the second AirTag, the victim used a car lift to take the vehicle to a garage to locate the tracking device, but the third AirTag was folded inside the plastic. I learned that it was found in the car’s subframe around the passenger tire that was worn.

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Police keep all AirTags in evidence boxes, the report added. Upon further investigation, police learned that Schober and the victim had agreed to meet at the train station.