5G services will increase cyber-crimes in Goa: DGP Jaspal Singh

New Delhi: Goa Police Commissioner (DGP) Jaspal Singh said the launch of 5G services will lead to an increase in cybercrime in the state. Speaking at the Goa Police Ideathon-2022 on Friday, his DGP Singh said a large number of devices will be connected to high-speed internet services after the launch of 5G services. Cybercrime could therefore increase, he said. The event was organized by the Cyber ​​Crime Police Department of South Goa.

“This ideathon was organized under the leadership of Police Commissioner Jaspal Singh on the impact of 5G technology on law enforcement. Witnessing very enthusiastic participation from all stakeholders, the event According to the statement, the aim is to make police officers more sensitive to the changes they will see in the future and better prepared to meet new challenges.Read also: LIC offering Rs 27 lakh for daughter’s marriage. Just invest Rs 3600 – read more here)

The brainstorming session was attended by eminent speakers from three domains. It was attended by police, academia and industry. The session started with a talk by Neelkanadan Rajamohan (Faculty, IIT Goa) on his fundamental aspects of 5G technology and Tarun Lakhmani (Asst Manager, IFB) on Smart Decides. (ALSO READ: BUMPER RETURN BUSINESS IDEAS! POST OFFICE OFFERING SCHEME TO EARN MAXIMUM Rs 80,000/MONTH WITH A ONE-TIME INVESTMENT OF Rs 5000)

The Panel on the Impact of 5G Technology on Law and Order Issues was led by Nidhin Valsan, IPS (SP North & Cyber ​​Crime), Shivendu Bhushan, IPS (SDPO Margao), Neelkandan Rajamohan (Faculty IIT Goa), and Shri Sawant Kushwaha ( Asst Manager, IFB) and they highlighted how predictive policing and surveillance with drones could improve police effectiveness.

Concerns about possible confusion in the current legal system were also raised. Impact of 5G Technology on Traffic Management, with Shri Bosco George (SP Traffic), Shri Damodar Reddy (Faculty, NIT Goa), Sathisha Basavaraju (Scientist, Beltech AI Pvt Ltd), and Filomena Costa (PI Traffic Colva) A second panel on was highlighted. Benefits of ITMS realization and automatic detection and challenge of violations.

The potential disruption of traffic management by unauthorized and malicious access and safeguards against it were also highlighted. The third panel on the impact of 5G technology on financial fraud was led by Sunita Sawant (SP Economic Offenses Cell), Sanjay K Sahay (Faculty, BITS Goa), Ajit Muzumdar (Faculty, NFSU Goa), and Raman Jaiswal (Chief Manager, SBI Goa). She highlighted how 5G will help her improve KYC and ensure her 360 degree security of the financial ecosystem. Concerns about rising fraud via fintech networks and crypto platforms were highlighted and possible safeguards were discussed.